Coffee at the sports club

Your club scores with CoffeeClick!
Members and supporters of your club deserve delicious fresh bean coffee. Our unique all-inclusive coffee concept for coffee at the club brings fantastic coffee products within reach.
And your club will score a new sponsor as well...

  • No investment
  • One fixed price per cup!
  • Fast and professional service, even during the weekends
  • Professional fully automatic coffee machines
  • Weekly fresh roasted coffee beans
  • One crystal-clear invoice 

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A little support

CoffeeClick brings fantastic coffee products within reach for every association. Together with the association we will lift the coffee supply to a higher level. Does your club choose to cooperate with us?
Then we become the proud sponsor of your club and you will receive these beanbags as a gift! With the CoffeeClick beanbags players and visitors will enjoy themselves before, after and during the match. How nice is that?

CoffeeClick's coffee products at the club

With our blends you can make the tastiest coffee products!
Do you like an espresso? A creamy cappuccino?
Or do you prefer a lungo? Everything is possible!
Our baristas adjust the machine to your wishes.

Various teas at the club

Did you know that CoffeeClick also supplies great teas?
Choose from Classic Tea, Premium Tea and Superior Tea.
All teas are of high quality and perfect for
perfect for use at the club.

tea senza

CoffeeClick at your club


Our coffee machines are user-friendly and can therefore be used quickly and easily by everyone. This is due, among other things, to the clear touch screen, the logical structure of the machine and the simple cleaning process.


Delicious coffee products such as cappuccino and latte macchiato are made with fresh beans and fresh milk. With our advanced Foammaster™ (self-cleaning) milk system, every coffee variation is perfectly prepared with fresh milk.


Our own service department takes care of the installation and maintenance of the delivered coffee machines. Our baristas carry out timely quality checks and any necessary
repairs on site. This way, we take care of all your worries!

Interested in delicious coffee at your club?

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