Etna Dorado Espresso Premium

Icon Number of employees 15 - 25 employees, 25 - 50 employees Icon Types of coffee 11 Icon Capacity per day 50 - 200 cups
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Dimensions H/B/D: 77/32/58 cm
Bean hopper: 1100 grams
External hot water dispenser
User friendly 10″ touch screen
Double beverage dispensing
When using the energy saving mode Energy label A++
Fully automatic cleaning program
Logo personalisation possible


Brewing time per consumption: 30 seconds
Expandable with cup warmer
Set for capacity increase
Various payment and colour options


Beverages with milk topping possible

The Etna Dorado Espresso has always been the perfect machine for any business wanting to use fresh beans in combination with cocoa powder and milk topping. This machine has now been further developed and improved into the Premium 10″. You can easily create a fantastic coffee, cappuccino or latte macchiato at the push of a button. In addition, the separate hot water dispensing point ensures that your guests never have a drop of coffee in their hot water. Naturally, the jug function is included as standard. Functionality and design come together to form the perfect coffee machine!


Plan a test session with the Etna Dorado Espresso Premium