ETNA Instant Compact

Icon Number of employees 10 - 15 employees Icon Types of coffee 11 Icon Capacity per day 30 - 100 cups
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Dimensions H/B/D: 52.4/32/51.5 cm

Coffee: 680 grams
Milk: 680 grams
Cocoa: 680 grams

Very compact design
User-friendly touchscreen
Choice of 10 to 18 different drinks
Meets HACCP hygiene standards
External hot water dispensing
Double drink dispensing
Simple and quick cleaning
Fully automatic cleaning program
Can be expanded with a cup warmer


10 or 18 beverage selections
Jug function
Fully automatic cleaning program
Separate hot water dispensing



The ETNA Instant Compact offers all the advantages of a mature instant machine, but in a very compact format. The Compact line is all about the use of instant or freeze dried coffee in combination with milk and cocoa topping, but with all the advantages of a small format. This instant machine is standard equipped with three containers (coffee, milk and cocoa topping), an external tea water dispenser, two cup recognition sensors and a height adjustable cup platform. All drinks are prepared for you fully automatically, so that at the touch of a button you can enjoy delicious (double) espresso, coffee, cappuccino, Latte and chocolate milk. The whole is completed by an environmentally conscious energy-saving mode. Finally, maintenance is also quick and easy thanks to the simple user interface. This lets you rinse and clean the machine fully automatically in just a few operations.

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