ETNA Instant Medium

Icon Number of employees 15 - 25 employees, 25 - 50 employees Icon Types of coffee 11 Icon Capacity per day 50 - 200 cups
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Dimensions H/B/D: 77/32/58 cm
Bean hopper: 1100 grams
External hot water dispenser
User friendly touch screen
Double beverage dispensing
When using the energy-saving mode Energy label A++
Fully automatic cleaning program


Zet tijd per consumptie: <30 seconden
Uit te breiden met koppenwarmer
Set voor capaciteitsvergroting
Diverse betaal- en kleurmogelijkheden


Beverages with milk topping possible

This versatile instant coffee machine is the ideal powerhouse. The quick delivery ensures that everyone can enjoy a good cup of coffee, delicious cappuccino or creamy latte macchiato in no time. In addition, the separate hot water dispensing point ensures that your guests never have a drop of coffee in their hot water. Naturally, the jug function is included as standard.

Schedule a trial session with the ETNA Instant Medium