Franke A1000

Icon Number of employees more than 50 employees Icon Types of coffee 11 Icon Capacity per day > 250
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Afmetingen H / B / D: 73 / 88 / 60 cm (inclusief Foammaster)
Bonencontainers: 2x 1.200 gram
Capaciteit geschikt voor: 45 – 100 man
Capaciteit per uur: 120 koppen
Zettijd per consumptie: <30 seconden
Voldoet aan HACCP hygiëneverordeningen


Integrated fully automatic cleaning system (FoamMaster) Maximum energy efficiency with timer function and minimum power consumption in standby mode
Choice of different brewing units
Functional lighting concept
Milk container (5 l) with integrated temperature sensor and connection system


Convincing, high-quality milk foam guaranteed at all times, even when high volumes and the toughest standards are required

Milk system option
Best foam quality (hot milk / hot milk foam), exact dosage for each drink

Two steps
Convenient steam pipe to manually froth milk

This grand espresso machine is designed to give everyone their own little moment of luxury. Whatever your favorite coffee is, the A1000 can make your wish come true. The A1000 is the ticket to a coffee that is more personal than ever before. Welcome to the next level of indulgence. The patented FoamMaster® milk system produces milk foam that provides everyone with delicious milk froth for their cappuccino or latte. FoamMaster® is user-friendly and guarantees maximum hygiene for the equipment.

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