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There are many species of coffee plants, but for coffee culture there are two really important ones: the Coffea Arabica and the Coffea Robusta. Our master coffee roaster buys green coffee that has no taste yet. But each species already has its own flavour character. It is this character and aroma that make coffee the special drink that everyone loves. They only develop during roasting.

CoffeeClick's coffee roasters pay much attention to the blending of the beans. They first assess the various samples separately and then blend them into our own unique coffees, which we offer our customers through our crystal clear concept. This means there is plenty of choice for everyone's taste experience. With our blends, we create the basis for all types of coffee, from espressos and café crème to cappuccinos and a delicious latte macchiato.

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We represent the absolute top of coffee machine manufacturers. Our all-inclusive coffee concept consists of high-quality espresso machines and a professional service department under our own management, a team of certified baristas for flavour management and a complete webshop for all the necessary supplies.