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Drinking and paying for coffee per cup

Drinking and paying for coffee per cup

An innovative coffee concept in a traditional market; Drinking and paying for coffee per cup! That is what CoffeeClick offers. You might be familiar with the traditional way of offering coffee. Buy or rent a coffee machine. Then purchase supplies and accessories such as beans separately. And the service? The big question is what is included and what is not. Think of delivery costs, water filters, expensive parts and so on... All these problems are history with CoffeeClick's all-in coffee concept.

Coffee per cup, how does that work?

We are often asked how we can charge a fixed price per cup. Coffee drinkers, suppliers and colleagues are still amazed. Of course we won't tell you our secret, but we are more than happy to explain the concept! We were the first to introduce our unique "All in the Click" concept.

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What is included in the fixed price per cup?

With us, a fixed price per cup really does mean that you will not be faced with any surprises. No extra invoice for the coffee beans. No invoice for service and no costs for cleaning products. And our preventive maintenance? Here too... no extra costs! Our working method is transparent: you have one contract and one invoice per quarter; you really pay per cup of coffee. What is included in this price?

  • Weekly fresh roasted coffee beans
  • Fast and professional service
  • No investment in expensive coffee machines
  • Maintenance status tracked in real-time in the cloud
  • All water filters and cleaners
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It's all in the click; One invoice, no financial hassle

Why CoffeeClick is unique from the others is simple. We guarantee one fixed price per cup in advance. Paying for kilograms of coffee beans is therefore a thing of the past. We also take away the investment in expensive equipment. Thanks to our cloud services, we have a real-time connection with your coffee machine so that we know exactly how much coffee is being drunk, how many kilos of coffee beans are being used and we have insight into the machine settings. We read off what is consumed per quarter and because of the fixed price per cup, you know the cost price. Simple to see on one invoice. And if something goes wrong with the machine? Our technicians are ready for you immediately and solve everything professionally. They also ensure that preventive checks are carried out. And the coffee is adjusted as desired, completely free of charge. Would you like to know what we can do for your company? Contact us without any obligations. 

We send one invoice per quarter

Provide overview in the administration and clarity in the ordering of coffee. You only receive one invoice per quarter and the coffee is always sent free of charge. We are your personal supplier for everything that has to do with coffee. Please contact us and we will gladly tell you what CoffeeClick can offer for your organization.  

Order in the financial administration

Our fast and professional service

Our in-house service department has been perfected over the years. The three pillars on which we focus are personal contact, short service response time and proactive management of the coffee machines. 

Preventive and reactive maintenance

Our service department is in daily contact with the customer and is always there for you! At CoffeeClick we offer an average response time of up to four hours! Even when there are no malfunctions, our technicians visit you regularly for preventive service. Because we are in real-time contact with your coffee machine through an internet connection we know exactly what is going on inside. We measure the number of clicks and see whether certain components require service. The data is collected by us and is always available to the customer.

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Clarity thanks to online data

Through our IOT connection, we know exactly when the coffee machine needs servicing, the Clicks are measured and we have everything clear when you call. In addition, our technicians visit you every quarter to taste the coffee and, if necessary, adjust the flavour to your wishes. After all, the taste of our coffee must always be good!

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Coffee per cup: The payment options

Coffee machines can be found in all sorts of locations and buildings. When several companies are located in one building, this often requires insight into the coffee consumption per company. We provide various payment options such as Apple Pay, debit cards and even company cards. This way, paying for coffee per cup becomes a reality and everyone pays their own share. Transparent, clear and fair!

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Choose wisely! Choose coffee per cup at CoffeeClick.

Are you looking for the ideal coffee concept for your office? Without investing in expensive equipment. Everything is included in one fixed price per cup. 

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