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Coffee without investment!

Yes, you read that correctly, coffee without investment! At CoffeeClick you do not need to invest in a professional coffee machine! No extra costs for coffee beans and no costs for taste adjustments or maintenance. Simply one fixed price per cup. It's all in the Click!

...Coffee at the club!

Coffee as a business model. It is possible with the unique all-in coffee concept of CoffeeClick! Delicious fresh bean coffee for all members and supporters at a fixed price per cup. Without having to invest in it as a club. Together with you the coffee machine will be adjusted to your wishes, so you can enjoy the delicious coffee to the max!

Coffeeclick at the sports club

...Coffee on the premises!

We know like no other that no company can do without coffee! For many, coffee is the fuel during the working day, for others the well-deserved moment of enjoyment. That is why we supply delicious, high quality coffee. Each cup of coffee must be perfect. Every employee should be able to enjoy his or her favourite espresso, creamy cappuccino or perfect cup of coffee time after time. We offer quality coffee without investment!

Coffee machine at your place of work

CoffeeClick Authentic!

CoffeeClick's all-inclusive coffee concept originates from the copying and printing industry. Here people have been paying per print for years. It is therefore not a coincidence that the founders of CB Group are also the creators of the CoffeeClick concept! We distinguish ourselves in the market by facilitating everything in-house. Marketing, Sales, Service and Finance, all under one roof. Everything to ensure that the customer is served in the best possible way. And through our own financing mechanism we make it possible for our customers to enjoy delicious fresh bean coffee, without any investment!

...The Service

Satisfied customers go hand in hand with good service. In order to relieve our customers of all worries and let them enjoy our delicious coffee, we ensure that our service is of the highest quality. We strive for a short service response time, have a lot of personal contact and do proactive management. Our technicians are also trained as baristas. In order to guarantee the taste and quality, they visit us regularly to adjust the coffee machine perfectly.  

CoffeeClick service technician at your office

...The Finances

When you buy a professional coffee machine, you soon think of an investment of several thousand euros. Money that you can put to good use for other things. We anticipate this and take care of this investment. By means of our own financing mechanism, you pay only one fixed price per cup. Simple and clear. 

Drink coffee without investing!

Our professional coffee machines!

CoffeeClick offers a wide range of professional coffee machines. By only using coffee machines of the highest quality, you can enjoy delicious coffee every day without any hassle. Without investment and selected according to personal wishes.

Professional coffee machine without investment

Ready for coffee without investment?

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