Our coffee blends


The coffee blend is one of the most important aspects for your daily cup of coffee at the office, at the club and in the catering industry. We have travelled the world in search of the perfect blend. We visited several plantations in South America and Asia for the right coffee beans in our exclusive coffee blends. No expense was spared and you can taste that!

Roma Classico

Roma Classico or classic Italian coffee. It is the national drink of Italy and therefore considered to be the only real coffee. This ideal blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans is characterised by a deliciously full coffee flavour with a hint of character. The perfect blend for strong coffee drinks like a delicious espresso or ristretto.

Santa Christalina

Cristalina is a place in Brazil where the best coffee beans in the world come from. This delicious coffee blend is composed of Arabica coffee beans from South America and Africa. This gives it a refined and aromatic taste, which makes it ideal for espresso or cappuccino with character.

Esta Cofradia

Esta Cofradia is a place in Honduras and means 'brotherhood' and symbolises the excellent ratio of selected Arabica coffee beans. This Esta Cofradia coffee bean blend is extremely suitable if, in addition to espresso and cappuccino, a lot of regular coffee (cafe lungo) is consumed within your company.

Apart from the three bestsellers mentioned above, CoffeeClick naturally has many more different blends. The possibilities range from completely organic to instant and caffeine-free. Are you curious about all the blends and flavours? Then get in touch with us!