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Small office coffe solutions

Are you a small office looking for a coffee solution? Are you done with that old cups machine or just in need of a renewal? Then our small office coffee solution is ideal for your business! We offer different coffee machines for the small offices. Curious if our concept suits you?

More about our concept!

Purchase of a coffee machine for small offices

As a small office, it is often difficult to find the right coffee supplier. And buying an expensive professional coffee machine is often not feasible. At CoffeeClick we do things differently by offering all-in per cup! Without investing in expensive equipment. Curious what our unique concept entails?

  • Fixed price per cup
  • Always freshly roasted coffee beans
  • Fast and professional service
  • No investment in professional coffee machines
  • High quality coffee machines

The service for small offices

Our service plays an important role. For buyers and office managers CoffeeClick's service department is an important factor. They will help you when the machines need maintenance and adjust them immediately. This way we will provide your office with the best cup of coffee time after time!

CoffeeClick service technician at your office

Service and maintenance is included with our small office coffee solution

We control data and are in direct contact with your coffee machine through an internet connection. This way we know when the machine needs preventive maintenance and have insight into the number of cups of coffee brewed.


Preventive maintenance of coffee machines

We carry out preventive maintenance on every machine. This way, we prevent problems and you can continue to enjoy your favourite coffee drink. We have also trained our technicians to be baristas. When they visit us for preventive maintenance, they adjust the machine immediately. This way, the taste of your cup of coffee will always be the same!

One invoice...

A clear and lucid concept that revolves around one fixed price per cup. To keep it clear and convenient for you as an entrepreneur, we send one invoice. This way, you benefit from our small office coffee solution while having a professional coffee machine and the administration remains well-organised! 

Looking for the right coffee machine for small offices

Which coffee machine is most suitable as a small office coffee solution? Of course, we always determine this based on the number of cups of coffee and/or the number of coffee drinkers. The CC F12 is usually the most suitable for small offices. This compact machine from our own production line is the ideal solution for SMEs. It comes standard with a 2-litre water tank and the option of expanding to 8 litres or connecting directly to a fixed water connection.

The different coffee products

Our coffee machines are suitable for preparing almost all types of coffee. So you can always enjoy your favourite coffee at the push of a button. Whether you choose a cappuccino, espresso or latte macchiato, the coffee machine can do it all!

Coffee machine for small business use

The perfect solution for small offices

If you are looking for a small office coffemachine? Our coffee machines are exactly what small offices are looking for. Is CoffeeClick's concept suitable for that? Certainly, our concept offers a unique and transparent way of delivery. Whether your company is large or small, the concept is suitable for everyone. Also for your office! 

Coffee machine at your place of work