H20 Esports Campus

H20 Esports Campus

An inspiring environment where Creative tech, E-sports, business and hospitality come together!

"As H20, we were faced with a serious challenge: to provide a business centre, a gaming hall and a restaurant with delicious coffee. Fortunately, CoffeeClick thought along with us and this issue was quickly resolved!"

H20; the first permanent European Esports stadium...

Together with a collection of companies and a real Sports Café, this Esports stadium forms the H20 campus. A total of 10,000 m2, entirely devoted to gaming and Esports. A place where companies can come into contact with each other and with the talent of the future. With of course the possibility to enjoy CoffeeClick's delicious coffee!

The driving force behind H20 is a three-man formation, namely Matthijs Vink, Dirk Tuip and Johan de Punder. All are owners of involved companies including Searchuser. The latter is a marketing agency that provides marketing support in the broadest sense of the word. We have been working with them for years. The final choice for CoffeeClick as H20 business partner was therefore not difficult at all. 

3rd floor H20 Coffee shop + Machine shop

The H20 challenge

H20 faced a challenge in terms of its coffee supply. The campus, which is used for various purposes, had to be supplied with delicious fresh bean coffee at various points. In addition, when an event takes place on campus, they must be able to scale up with (temporary) additional equipment. In addition, there is a fantastic bar and meeting room on the campus. In fact, a very professional catering establishment. This specific case was a nice "test case" for CoffeeClick, because CoffeeClick has recently become active in the hospitality market.

H20 about CoffeeClick

Previously, we did not have coffee machines and we made coffee the old-fashioned way with pre-ground coffee and a percolator. H20 is a large organization with several departments, so we were looking for a trouble-free alternative that would save us time and effort in making coffee. After many positive reactions we contacted CoffeeClick. CoffeeClick now arranges everything for us, from fresh coffee beans to service.

The payment system we were advised allows most of our machines to operate unmanned. Visitors can easily pay with their mobile phone or pin card! Besides the convenience of the concept, quality obviously plays a major role. All visitors to H20 can now drink delicious coffee throughout the building. That is, of course, the most important thing!

We would recommend it to everyone!

CoffeeClick about H20

Based on the wishes and requirements of H20, CoffeeClick provided the campus with delicious coffee! A tailor-made plan that ultimately consists of 4 professional machines spread throughout the campus, weekly freshly roasted beans and of course the perfect service. All at one fixed price per cup. 

Because the machines in the business centre are equipped with the Payter payment system, they can operate unmanned. Paying for the coffee can be done by mobile phone or pin card. Very easy! Furthermore, the machine in the Lounge Café is linked to the cash register system, which makes registration and payment a lot easier. 

Soon after the first contact, CoffeeClick's unique coffee concept appeared to be the perfect match for the H20 campus. Two unique concepts in different worlds, which yet fit together perfectly!


CoffeeClick in 3 sentences

I believe that CoffeeClick always offers the right solution for every company. Through customization, every type of organization benefits directly from CoffeeClick's unique all-in coffee concept. And the coffee: it is simply delicious!