The ideal total supplier

Today Staples is the largest company in the office supplies industry. Staples offers all the solutions you need for the office, home office, catering and more. So you can easily order everything you need from one supplier. It doesn't get any easier than this! 

How did we end up at CoffeeClick?

We had been using our old machine for years and after a while it really needed replacing. We immediately started looking for a new machine and came across several options, including CoffeeClick. All suppliers had a similar machine to the one we had before. Only CoffeeClick came with an upgrade.

Why did we choose CoffeeClick?

Our employees set great store by coffee, so finding a new supplier was an important point on the agenda. Based on the test rigs of the various suppliers, the choice was finally made by our employees. The taste, smell and quality of CoffeeClick's coffee were ultimately better than the coffee from the other machines in the trial. In addition, the large selection of different coffee beverages was also highly appreciated, and thus the choice fell on CoffeeClick.

How do we find the cooperation so far?

We are very satisfied with the cooperation between CoffeeClick and Staples. Besides the taste and quality, the service is also very good. CoffeeClick's service department goes the extra mile when it comes to unburdening the customer as much as possible. If something is needed, they react quickly and are on the spot when needed. This, in combination with good communication, ensures that we as customers have never had any complaints.

How do we describe cooperation with CoffeeClick?

We would describe it as "a fit for purpose".