Added Value Foundation

A coffee supplier who meets all requirements

At Meerwaarde we were looking for a party with a broad product range, a fresh milk supply and well-organised maintenance. We soon came across CoffeeClick via an acquaintance of ours. We started talking and had several appointments to discuss our wishes and requirements. Fortunately, we soon found out that we were dealing with the right party, one that would meet all our requirements!

Delicious coffee is a must

Our employees and visitors really value good coffee. In the search for the right flavour for us, CoffeeClick has been a great help. They took us by the hand and created the ideal tailor-made flavour for us. We also liked the fact that they have been very helpful from the very beginning in finding a solution for all our questions!

Why did we choose CoffeeClick?

There are a number of reasons. First of all, let's say that delicious coffee is what it's all about. That is absolutely right at CoffeeClick. The freshly roasted coffee beans ensure that the quality of the coffee is always excellent! Both employees and guests are very enthusiastic about the quality and the created taste. Everyone loves it. Besides the high quality, having multiple taste choices is also nice, our new coffee machines have an extensive range with many different coffee drinks. The ease of use and simplicity of operation of the CoffeeClick machines is also very pleasing. Finally, maintenance of the machines is very easy and hygienic, anyone can easily do this themselves. 

How did we experience the transition to CoffeeClick as our new coffee supplier?

The transition to CoffeeClick went smoothly. The various meetings to discuss all possibilities were pleasant and the installation of the new coffee machines was a piece of cake. Within the time frame of an afternoon we could already enjoy the fresh coffee of CoffeeClick!

How would you describe your collaboration with CoffeeClick in one sentence?

The cooperation with CoffeeClick is like freshly ground coffee beans in a delicious cup of coffee!