About us

The organisation of CoffeeClick started in 1997 and specialised in IT-related solutions in the business market with the accompanying services. An organisation was built up with an Amsterdam passion that conquered the market with modern solutions for the business world. This organisation unburdens customers by providing them with sound advice, flawless installations, perfect service and perhaps the most important detail: professional contract management supported by its own financing vehicle.

We are bursting with energy; innovations, state-of-the-art solutions and a crystal-clear service concept. At the time, we were already working according to the business model based on the number of counter strokes generated by the machine. In English, this is called "Clicks".

And that is exactly where our concept behind CoffeeClick came from. We keep exactly the same approach in the coffee market and extend it to the "All in the Click" concept. We now call it "MCS"; Managed Coffee Services.  

CoffeeClick offers complete customer care with the aim of providing a transparent all-in-one solution.

All included at one fixed price per cup.