We support

FSC: By using FSC products, we contribute directly to the protection of the world's forests and to a healthy living environment for people and animals worldwide. In this way, we contribute to their preservation. And that is important, because you also want to continue enjoying our forests and the natural products wood and paper forever, don't you?

UTZ: UTZ Certified is a hallmark for fair trade. The hallmark is applied to products such as coffee, tea, cacao (chocolate) and hazelnuts that come from farmers who care about people and the environment. For example, they use fewer pesticides and guarantee good working conditions for their workers. UTZ Certified is a top quality mark because of its high score on control, transparency and sustainability. It is also an internationally accepted hallmark. All farmers can participate, with a large or small farm. They learn to work with farming techniques that are kind to people and the environment.

Black Jaguar Foundation: The Black Jaguar Foundation (BJF) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the massive planting of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor: the longest natural bridge in the world and one of the largest reforestation projects in South America. One of the BJF's tasks in realising the Araguaia Corridor is to replant millions of indigenous trees, returning farmland to its original habitat: the Amazon rainforest and the Cerrado Savannah. These ecosystems are vital to improve the lives of each and every one of us and all future generations on our planet. 

Fair Tea Foundation: Fair Tea Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation that works together with local companies in Sri Lanka to improve the health and living conditions of people living and working on tea plantations in Sri Lanka. Their common aim is to ensure that everyone on Sri Lanka's tea plantations has the opportunity to benefit from medical facilities and education, as well as the creation of good living conditions. The Fair Tea Foundation offers a helping hand here through donations and local assistance.

Fairtrade Original: Fairtrade helps farmers and workers in developing countries to gain a better place in the trading chain so that they can make a living from their work and invest in a sustainable future. Fairtrade is both a hallmark and a worldwide movement. In the Netherlands the Max Havelaar Foundation owns the Fairtrade hallmark, also known as the Max Havelaar label.