Payter System

Coffee Machine with payment system

Coffee machines can be found in all kinds of buildings and situations. This requires different payment methods. For this reason almost all CoffeeClick coffee machines can be equipped with a Payter system. Contactless payments through various applications such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Credit Card, but also through QR Codes or company cards make unmanned use of all equipment possible.

Make it easy on yourself...

Is your coffee machine located in a collective building?
In a public area? Or in the company canteen?
Where everyone has access to the coffee machine and where you have no insight into the use of the machine? Then a Payter system is the solution! By using this payment system, you know exactly what is going on in your coffee corner. This gives you full transparency in costs and usage.

...And for users!

Almost every CoffeeClick coffee machine can be equipped with a Payter system. How can the user of the equipment pay? Payter works with various payment systems and enables payment through various applications. For example, payment can be made by mobile phone using apps such as Apple or Samsung Pay. It is also possible to pay with cards such as credit cards, debit cards and company cards or through QR Codes. This way you can offer your employees and visitors the convenience and flexibility to pay via the desired method.

Pay with payter system

Various possibilities

Besides the possibility to offer coffee against contactless payment, the Payter system also offers other possibilities. For example, it is possible to:

  • Differentiate between different coffee products; for example, you can offer black coffee for free and charge a fee for products with fresh milk.
  • Employees or members can make use of a company or association card; Working with or without payment, but with clear insight into users and usage!
  • Working with provided balance via company or member cards. This way you offer your employees or members an easy way to pay and the use and consumption of the machine becomes clear.

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...On the job

  • Data insight: Insight into users and consumption
  • Coffee no longer as a (full) cost item
  • Coffee machine can be used unmanned, also in canteens and collective buildings
  • Determine the amount employees and visitors pay!

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...At the Association

  • Data insight: Insight into users and consumption
  • Determine what members and visitors pay!
  • Machine can be used in the canteen
  • Convenience for members and visitors through many payment methods
  • Loyalty programs possible for members and visitors!

A payter system at your club?

Contact us, we will be happy to explain the possibilities!

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