Water concept


Our water concept consists of the ION product line.
This water cooler is directly connected to your mains water supply,
for daily drinking water of the purest quality.

The exclusive CarbonPro filter ensures long-lasting and flawless operation.

The ION water cooler offers a variety of water choices:
chilled/unchilled, piping hot or sparkling water.
Daily, simply from your own water supply!


The technology of pure refreshment

  • 1. InstaChill™
    Each glass is freshly filtered and immediately cooled in a "sealed water path" where the air never comes into contact with the water supply.
  • 2. Cooling Capacity
    Dispense a glass of water every 30 seconds for an hour and make sure it is 5 °C or colder. No other cooler even comes close.
  • 3. Rapidhot™
    Tea, cocoa and even instant soups are delicious with piping hot, freshly filtered water. Up to two gallons per hour, convenient and ready whenever you are.
  • 4. Soda water
    Spoil your healthy lifestyle with the healthy alternative to soft drinks. Refreshing with juice, or a touch of lemon or lime.
  • 5. Quick filter changes
    A simple turn to remove the filter, without any tools, even without turning off the water supply.
  • 6. Energy-saving mode
    Why use a device if nobody uses it? Plan ION's Sleepmode™ to reduce energy consumption anytime, anywhere.
  • 7. Touchscreen technology
    Easy to use, touch screen allows users to adjust settings and provide maintenance notifications.
  • 8. SodaPro controller
    Optional device for easy change of CO2 supply. Provides up to 250 8-ounce glasses. ION Microprocessor control, proprietary software and precision sensors provide accurate temperature control and ensure high performance under extreme conditions.

The importance of filtered water ...

With the ION water cooler you are always assured of freshly filtered water. Filtered water is very important for the quality of, among other things, a cup of tea. The water filter ensures that all undesired substances are filtered out of the water. The result is a clear cup of tea. No more stains on tea glasses. Just enjoy the delicious smells and taste.
CoffeeClick has several tea varieties in its assortment, from loose tea leaves to the well-known tea bags. Curious about the tea varieties of CoffeeClick?

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