Business coffee subscription

The all-in business coffee subscription

As a company, why spend unnecessary time and money on buying equipment separately, ordering coffee and calling for service? Providing coffee in the office can be much easier, more cost-effective and precisely tailored to your office needs.

At CoffeeClick you get everything you need for a delicious cup of coffee at one fixed price per cup. A coffee subscription includes our own freshly roasted coffee beans, professional equipment and all services. In short, everything that belongs to drinking coffee. 

Put an end to confusing structures for ordering coffee. Choose total care with one invoice from one supplier. Contact us for information or make an appointment right away. We will be pleased to tell you more about our unique concept.

I want to have a carefree time at work!

Our unique all-inclusive business coffee subscription

Drinking coffee at the office has never been so enjoyable. We take the hassle out of it so that you can enjoy it to the full. The favourite types of coffee (or tea) of each employee, always perfectly tasting. The advantages of our all-in coffee concept: 

  • Fixed price per cup
  • Weekly fresh roasted coffee beans
  • Fast and professional service
  • No investment in professional equipment
  • High quality coffee machines
  • Real-time cloud services
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Which coffee machine comes with the coffee subscription?

That depends entirely on your wishes and needs. But in order to find out which machine is right for your company, we have specially developed our decision aid. Fully personalized advice in 5 simple steps. 

Fixed price per cup of coffee: one invoice, everything clear

Our fixed price per cup is what makes our concept so unique. With other suppliers, you are often in the dark when it comes to costs. Our fixed price per cup includes everything. That way, you have a clear overview of the costs. The price per cup is determined on the basis of various factors, which our advisors will be happy to explain. Preventive service is included in the price per cup. This is how we prevent breakdowns and problems. And if anything should happen to your machine, we will visit you free of charge. Discover the benefit for your business!

Different coffee machines from CoffeeClick

How we ensure fast and efficient service

With a business coffee subscription, you want to be sure of quality and service. For employees and visitors, this is a requirement in many offices. After all, coffee is the business card of your company!

We usually respond within 4 hours!

Are there still problems with the machine? Do you have questions or would you like a taste adjustment? Don't worry, we will get in touch with you quickly. A service technician will visit you immediately to solve the problems and adjust the taste to perfection again. So you can enjoy it to the full again.

CoffeeClick service technician at your office

Clarity through our data

Most failures and malfunctions are prevented by using high-quality equipment in combination with various cloud services. By linking the coffee machine to the internet, we receive all relevant data in real time. This enables our service staff to see what is going on in a few moments, and problems can often be solved over the phone. This is crucial for our efficient service provision. 

Interior of CoffeeClick coffee machines

Control by our certified baristas

It is important to us that every cup of coffee tastes as good as the last. That's why all our technicians are trained as baristas and come by every quarter to check up on things. They will help you with your questions and explain how to serve the best coffee for your personal taste.


Professional coffee machines, included in the fixed price

Freshly roasted coffee beans deserve a high-quality coffee machine. Only a professional machine gives you the guarantee of a delicious taste, cup after cup. At CoffeeClick we offer various high quality espresso machines. We work together with the brands ETNA, Franke and now also produce CoffeeClick espresso machines ourselves. Their price is included in the fixed all-in price of your cup of coffee.

Choosing a coffee machine at CoffeeClick is always a custom job. Together we look for the right machine for your unique situation. To experience the taste of our coffee and the machines it is possible to arrange a trial placement. Of course you are also welcome to come and taste at ons in Lijnden.

A1000 Coffee machine included in the fixed price per cup

An all-in business coffee subscription at your office?

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