Business Coffee Machines

Business coffee machines for your company!

Looking for a business coffee machine for your company? Are you wondering whether you should buy, lease or rent a new machine? CoffeeClick's all-in coffee concept has the right business coffee machine for every company. With our concept you pay one fixed price per cup. This means no large investments in expensive equipment, but one fixed price per cup!

...A business coffee machine, how does it work?

There are a lot of different types and names for the business machines used to make coffee. Coffee machine, coffee maker, coffee machine and so on. Then there is the distinction between large and small coffee machines, with or without milk foam. CoffeeClick has a diverse range of business coffee machines, suitable for companies of all sizes!

The different brands of coffee machines

We work exclusively with quality suppliers for our professional coffee machines. Think for example of ETNA and Franke. Our advisors will help you decide which business coffee machine is right for your company. 

Coffee machine at your place of work

...The unique business coffee concept

When you choose a CoffeeClick coffee machine for your office, you choose a clear and transparent concept. You will receive one invoice periodically. This includes the professional equipment, weekly freshly roasted coffee beans and perfect service. This is how we keep it simple and clear for our customers!


...Fast and efficient service!

Coffee in the office is essential, and we understand that like no other. A working day is not complete without a delicious cup of coffee. Especially when customers or relations drop by. With preventive service, we minimise problems and breakdowns so that your coffee machine is always perfectly adjusted! If something does go wrong, our service technicians will be there for you as soon as possible!

...Proactive and preventive service provision

"Prevention is better than cure" is one of the most common proverbs among our service technicians. Because we are in direct contact with the loaned coffee machines, we know when the machine needs maintenance. We anticipate the problems. If something does happen, we are of course happy to assist you (by phone). After all, we know what's going on inside the coffee machine.


...Response time of less than 8 working hours!

If the problem with the business coffee machine has not been solved after the telephone contact or if the coffee no longer tastes the same as it did before the problem, we will arrange for one of our service employees to visit you within 8 working hours to solve the problem. We will make sure that one of our service employees will visit you within 8 working hours to fix the problem. We will not leave until you are satisfied!

...Taste management of your business coffee machine

One cup of coffee is not like another, but you can't argue about the taste of your cup of coffee. We have taken care of that by training our service staff to be baristas. They know everything about coffee, such as which flavour comes from where and how the grind should be adjusted if you find that the coffee does not taste good. This is part of our service, and our mechanics will stay until you are satisfied with the taste of the coffee from your business coffee machine.

Professional business coffee machines included in the fixed price per cup!

Of course, the perfect coffee bean also requires a professional coffee machine. By supplying only top-quality coffee machines, we can guarantee the perfect taste experience. 

Meet CoffeeClick

To get acquainted with the quality and service that we provide, we would like to invite you to our showroom. First, we determine the volume for your company on the basis of various factors. Then you can come and taste all the different types of coffee on our shop floor and determine which type of coffee you prefer!

How can you ensure good coffee in your office?

Do you want to enjoy delicious coffee at the office? With CoffeeClick you can be sure of the highest quality and a perfect taste experience. The concept is clear, so get moving! Come and visit us in our showroom!

Get into action!