Time for delicious coffee at work!

Coffee is your company's business card. This often makes choosing the right coffee supplier for your company a difficult choice.
Choose our unique coffee concept and let visitors and employees enjoy it!

Coffee at work? We help you find the right coffee machine

Delicious fresh bean coffee at work? This calls for a professional coffee machine. But which coffee machine meets the wishes and needs of you and your colleagues? And does this coffee machine suit you at work at all? These are all questions you can find out after filling in our decision aid. Free advice based on your wishes and needs, including all specifications of the CoffeeClick recommended coffee machine.

A unique concept for coffee at work

Everything you and your colleagues need for your daily cup of coffee, at one fixed price per cup. That includes professional equipment, freshly roasted coffee beans every week and our perfect service! 

At the press of a button, you can enjoy your favourite coffee at any time of the day! 


Coffee machine at your place of work

Fresh bean coffee at work!

Drinking delicious coffee at work is within reach for companies with our unique coffee concept. Why? CoffeeClick offers various exclusive coffee blends that are freshly roasted every week. With these coffee blends the most delicious coffee variations can be made. 



Coffee on the premises

Coffee at work; what do you consider?

Prior to installing a coffee machine, there is a whole preliminary process. Which machine is right for you? That depends on your wants and needs. And then you start looking for a coffee supplier. Or rather; quotes are requested and compared. But often things are forgotten. Because do you get to know the person who provides you with coffee at work? And what about refilling the beans, emptying the grounds container or cleaning your coffee machine?

In order not to forget anything and go through everything in the right order, we wrote a guide. Now you'll never forget when looking for a coffee machine for work. And have you read it? Then our brochure contains everything you need to know about coffee at work!


Download our brochure for coffee at work

Professional service

Does your coffee machine have a fault? Taste readjustment? Or do you have any other questions?
Our technicians ensure that you are always helped quickly and professionally!

Your coffee machine always well-maintained!

Every coffee machine is directly connected to the Internet. This allows us to know how the coffee machine is functioning at your workplace. On the basis of this information, we plan preventive services, so that your machine is always well-maintained! 

A response time of usually 4 hours!

Are there unexpected problems with the coffee machine? By calling the service number you can easily and quickly make an appointment. Our service desk will check with you whether the problem can be solved over the phone. Does the problem persist? Don't worry, our employees will usually be at your office within 4 hours. They will solve the problem immediately and make sure that you and your colleagues can enjoy a delicious latte macchiato, cappuccino or nice cup of coffee again!

Service mechanic for managing the coffee machine

Taste management at work!

Every cup of coffee should taste the same. That is why our service technicians are trained as baristas. This means that when they come by for a preventive service, the taste is perfectly adjusted again. So you and your colleagues can enjoy delicious coffee at work or the office every day!

Coffee from CoffeeClick at your place of work

Professional coffee machines

Our professional coffee machines are of the highest quality. Our freshly roasted coffee beans come into their own. 

We offer various coffee machines for companies. Depending on your company's needs and requirements, you and one of our advisors will choose the most suitable one. Whether you choose fresh milk or milk topping, cup warmer or payment system, everything is possible! Would you like tailor-made advice? Then fill in our decision aid!

A100 professional coffee machine for work or the office

Make sure there is delicious coffee at work!

For some employees, drinking coffee at work is part of their fringe benefits. Take action and who knows, maybe you will soon be drinking a delicious cup of CoffeeClick coffee at your workplace!

Coffee beans