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How it all started...

The founders of CoffeeClick's unique coffee concept have been active in the copying and printing industry since the mid-80s. First as driven salesmen within various organizations and later on successfully with their own 'baby'; CB Groep. Success was built through hard work in combination with a passion for the profession and their own service and financing mechanism. This is also where the all-in principle originated, in this industry called MPS; Managed Print Services.

How did the final translation to the coffee industry come about?

A typical case of pure coincidence and entrepreneurship. A new coffee machine that was installed in the kitchen of the CB Group set the ball rolling. We asked if the machine had a cup counter. When it turned out that it did, but the data was not used, the idea was born. A new, unique concept in a traditional market.

According to the method which has been used for years in the copying and printing industry. Billing per counter stroke, or 'The Click'. Each 'Click' accurately registered and charted at the end of the month. Simple and clear.

Why innovative

After being founded in 2012, CoffeeClick has grown into a full-fledged company with all facets of the business under one roof. Sales, Service, Finance, Marketing and an in-house financing model. Innovating in a traditional market. That is what CoffeeClick has been from day one. The old principle of selling a machine and buying separate accessories has been pushed aside. Instead we offer a unique way of working with professional equipment without investment, freshly roasted beans and perfect service.

Preventive and corrective service provided by in-house technicians with a response time of less than 4 working hours. Personalized tableware and chocolates for decoration and items that can usually be delivered from stock.


The investment in expensive equipment is a desirable expense for few business owners and associations. Therefore, we have eliminated this concern. The financing of the equipment is arranged in the same way as the services and accessories. All included in the fixed price per cup. One invoice. Crystal clear.

What am I actually paying per cup?

Ask a buyer of a company what is paid for a square meter of business premises, a (color) printer or the addition of lease cars and the answer is almost always correct. On the other hand, the price of a cup of coffee is often a mystery. People guess, but exact amounts are often not given. The many different contracts for equipment, accessories and service are what make the sum very complicated. In addition, it is unknown how many cups of coffee are made from a kilogram of coffee beans. The precise adjustment of our machines is 8 grams per cup and the beans included in the price per cup solve this mystery for our customers.

And through...

A lot has happened since our founding. As a company we have established ourselves, grown, moved and developed strongly. And that the concept has been a success is evident from the many coffee suppliers who have become acquainted with it and have adopted it, either partially or completely.

Many variations on our concept and our 'Click' (e.g. cliq or clique) have been encountered over the years. Instead of letting this throw us off, we differentiate ourselves time and time again so that we do not turn into a '13 in a dozen' company. That is what makes CoffeeClick truly unique.

Authentic CoffeeClick

Are we the only one and the first?

Although we were the first to introduce this method to the coffee market, we were not alone. Our friends at Netdata, who were involved in the contract automation of CB Groep, thought along with us about how coffee contracts should be managed and automated. Because they were also enthusiastic about the new way of working, they entered into a collaboration with the Italian coffee roaster Buscaglione, and so Pertazza was born.

The same way of working, with a different target group. The friendship and cooperation still exists today and information and knowledge are exchanged to stimulate the growth of both companies.

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