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CoffeeClick does not only talk about sustainable coffee in the office or association, we also deliver it!
A choice for CoffeeClick means a choice for:

Certified coffee and tea

CoffeeClick's blends are provided with the UTZ quality mark. This means that the coffee beans come from plantations where the farmers have an eye for people and the environment. They use less pesticides and guarantee good working conditions for workers. This way you are always assured of sustainable coffee at your office or association.


Reused and reusable
packaging materials

Our coffee bags are free of aluminium and therefore suitable for PMD collection. In addition, the boxes are made of recycled cardboard and are suitable for paper collection.

CoffeeClick Bins for waste separation

Waste is also an opportunity for sustainability. The CoffeeClick Bin is stylish, 100% circular and gives waste separation a boost! Made of sustainable materials and made in Holland. The CoffeeClick bins are suitable for both companies and associations. Together we ensure a cleaner workplace, a healthier workplace and a sustainable world. And would you like your bin to be fully personalised? This is of course also possible with a unique wrapping!

The CoffeeClick waste bin


Our equipment is energy efficient and often has energy label A. The technical lifetime of the machines is optimally utilized due to extensive and periodic technical maintenance. CoffeeClick also has an in-house refurbishment department for occassion equipment.

Furthermore, the equipment has a recyclability of at least 95% and end-of-life equipment is processed into new products and/or applications according to WeCycle guidelines.


...The causes we support

UTZ / Fair tea foundation

CoffeeClick stands for paying a fair price for products. This applies to both purchase and sale. Therefore we also work with the UTZ certificate and the Fair tea foundation. These organisations stand for fair trade and fight for better working conditions for employees on coffee and tea plantations.

Fairtrade Original

In the Netherlands, they are better known as the Max Havelaar hallmark. This organisation fights for a better place in the trade chain for farmers and workers in developing countries. This way, they can live off the proceeds and invest in a sustainable future.

FSC / Black Jaguar Foundation

These organisations fight for more green in the world. For example, FSC ensures the protection of the world's forests. This way we can continue to enjoy natural products such as wood and paper. The Black Jaguar Foundation is committed to the planting of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor in South America.

Coffee cups

Our biodegradable coffee cups with FSC-label are produced CO2-neutral with raw materials from responsibly managed forests. We also supply CoffeeClick cane coffee cups. This cup does not need a cut down tree as primary raw material, because it mainly consists of waste material from the cane sugar industry. After use, this cup is suitable for processing via GFT waste, thus producing biogas and compost instead of residual waste.

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CoffeeClick encourages the use of electric, hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles, therefore charging points have been installed next to our premises in order to achieve our goal. Currently 60% of our fleet is electric. The ultimate goal is to have the entire fleet be 100% electric by 2025.


Coffee grounds

Did you know that coffee grounds give a quality injection to VGF waste? CoffeeClick advises you to offer your coffee grounds to your organic waste processor. Often this is even free of charge, and after processing your coffee grounds produce biogas and compost. This creates a 100% biological cycle. Of course CoffeeClick will gladly supply you with GFT-capable collection bags.

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because of its sustainable approach.

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