One fixed price per cup.
That's so easy right?

One fixed price per cup

Enjoy delicious coffee without investment. One fixed all-in price per cup, all inclusive.

How much do you pay for a cup of coffee?

No one can give us a concrete answer to that question. Logical! Companies receive multiple invoices from various suppliers for equipment, service and supplies. This often makes it unclear what is being paid for a cup of fresh bean coffee. Not at CoffeeClick. Our customers know to the tenth of a penny where they stand.

Except that everyone has a personal fixed price per cup. This is because it depends on a number of factors. The main ones are equipment, service, number of cups and the kilos of coffee beans needed for that. And because it is a unique fixed price per cup, it is customized and different for everyone.

So we cannot mention your fixed price directly. What we can say is that prices start from 14 cents per cup!

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We guarantee a fixed all-inclusive price in advance

And therein lies the difference! Whereas CoffeeClick guarantees one fixed all-in price per cup upfront, we see in the market that many coffee suppliers set the fixed price per cup afterwards. And that difference doesn't seem as bad as it is. Until you experience it in practice.


Increasing purchase prices

And that happens throughout the year. In the coffee market, margins are under pressure. Any price fluctuation can be passed on to the user. That's why CoffeeClick offers a fixed all-in price per cup. That way you know where you stand all year long. Everything included, with no surprises.


High quality coffee machines included within our all-in concept

Essential for your cup of coffee. Brewing the perfect cup of coffee requires professional equipment. CoffeeClick offers high-quality, fully automatic coffee machines from Dutch, Swiss and home-grown manufacturers. All equipped with a convenient touch screen and extremely user friendly. And without investment! We take this worry away from you and include it in the fixed price per cup.


Preventive and corrective servicing

This includes quarterly visits to check the machine. This way, we ensure maximum machine uptime and the quality remains perfect. In addition to checks, we also recalibrate the machine. Because over time, every coffee machine needs attention. We take care of everything and you enjoy!

Coffee beans are included in the fixed all-in price

And this is not the case everywhere. Because with traditional coffee suppliers, coffee beans are often bought separately. Here often comes the lack of understanding. Over time, the settings of the machine can be adjusted and regularly change the consumption from 8 grams to 9 grams of coffee for a cup of coffee. Do you pay a loose price per kg? You guessed it, then every cup of coffee already becomes 12.5% more expensive, without anyone even noticing.

CoffeeClick's all-in coffee concept prevents this from happening. The beans are included and are freshly roasted and delivered weekly. CoffeeClick does not benefit when more coffee is used per Click. In fact, we want to prevent that! That's why your machine is always perfectly tuned for the perfect cup of coffee.

What if my machine needs immediate service?

As mentioned earlier, we do things differently. And in this case, it really is different. Because at CoffeeClick it does not often happen that a machine needs direct service. Is this still the case? Then we will be at your door within 4 working hours. Without call-out charges, a separate monthly service contract or other hidden costs. All still included in that one fixed price per cup....

Even if a part needs to be replaced? Sure! Provided that the damage was inflicted deliberately, of course. We repair the machine without sending an invoice for this afterwards. Because all-in means all-in. A traditional coffee supplier often requires a separate service contract. That party charges call-out fees, repair costs and sometimes also hourly wages. As a result, parts are replaced more quickly and repairs generally take longer than necessary. Not sustainable but mainly costly for your organization.

Mechanic tinkering with machine

What can other suppliers do?

Other suppliers may:
- increase purchasing (basic number of beans per gram) this leads to
- more total consumption (this risk lies with CoffeeClick)
- raise prices unannounced at any time in the interim.

And that fixed price per cup varies from month to month. If your usage goes up, so does your "fixed price per cup. Not at CoffeeClick.

We do things differently than traditional coffee suppliers. We guarantee in advance one fixed price per cup. This way we ensure that our customers will not face any surprises afterwards. And with this concept, our customers are provided with high-quality equipment, freshly roasted coffee beans every week and perfect service. Without investment. All that is included in the one fixed price per cup.

It's all in the Click....

All in coffee concept from CoffeeClick