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Fixed price per cup

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There is often a lot of confusion about the price per cup. This is only logical, because companies often receive multiple invoices from various suppliers for the equipment, service and accessories. As a result, it is often unclear what is paid for a cup of fresh bean coffee. Your personal fixed price per cup depends on a number of factors. The most important of these are the equipment, services, number of cups and the kilos of coffee beans required for this. Determining the price per cup will therefore always be customised for each company. Of course, we would like to calculate this together with you. You can contact one of our advisors for a personal meeting. All our services included, so there are no surprises afterwards!

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Below we briefly explain what is included in the price per cup!


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What is the price per cup anyway?

Because the fixed price per cup depends on several factors we cannot give you an amount here. However, we can explain how the price is structured and say that prices start at 14 cents per cup!

So what does the equipment cost?

Is the coffee equipment rented, leased or bought? What about the depreciation of the equipment? Is the equipment then owned by the company? Or does the supplier pick up the machines later on?

Unlike other suppliers, CoffeeClick does not require you to invest in expensive equipment! Through our own financing mechanism we can take this worry off our customers' hands!


And what about service?

Who performs this service? And what will the service cost me? It is quite possible that you will receive a separate invoice from your current supplier for the service of the machines.

CoffeeClick works exclusively with high quality equipment. This minimizes the number of service interventions. Should something unexpected happen to your coffee machine, then CoffeeClick's service employees are ready for you! Corrective and preventive maintenance is included in the fixed price per cup.


Always freshly roasted coffee beans

Often the coffee beans are a separate cost item. You usually pay per kilo of coffee. What is often not clear is how many cups of coffee can be made from that kilo! With many suppliers, the grammage of beans per cup of coffee is increased during the term. This will automatically increase the cost per cup. CoffeeClick does it differently...

The fixed price per cup includes the weekly freshly roasted coffee beans. We monitor the grams of coffee beans per cup to guarantee the quality and taste you expect from us.

Coffee bags

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Experience our taste and equipment!

We understand that it can be difficult to choose from the many blends and machines available. After all, you don't choose a new car from a brochure or from a website. That's why we offer you the possibility to view the machines in our showroom. Here you will have the opportunity to operate the machines yourself and taste the many different types of coffee. Would you prefer to try them at the office or at your club? This is also possible in consultation. We will be happy to organise a tasting session with one of our baristas, who will search for the ideal taste together with the most critical coffee drinkers. Of course, the ease of use of the equipment will also be discussed.

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