Professional service!

With coffee, the smell, taste, price and blend can be disputed. As we know, opinions on these can vary quite a bit. However, there should be no misunderstanding about service. The service provided at all times should be absolutely top quality. 

The service department

Service levels are often the most important metrics in customer satisfaction surveys. You often only get the chance to prove the service level once. Do you create a good feeling with the end user or a feeling of "this needs to be better"? Professional service delivery is a priority at CoffeeClick to maximize customer satisfaction and enjoyment of delicious coffee.

service department

All service technicians in-house

CoffeeClick's in-house service department has been built and perfected by listening to our customers' needs and requirements. The 3 main pillars that have emerged from this are personal contact, short service response time and proactive management. Our technicians work according to these pillars and will always do their utmost to put a smile on the face of our customers!

Frank Fitter

Real-time service reports!

CoffeeClick coffee machines collect data through an Internet connection. Think of machine data regarding current status, machine codes and counter readings. Everything real-time and up-to-date.

Preventive and corrective services

Service reports are created quickly and simply by the smart machines, making it easy for our staff to help a customer over the phone. This avoids unnecessary service visits and so we can efficiently schedule the necessary service time so that the job is done quickly and appropriately. In practice, this means maximum equipment uptime and a high level of customer satisfaction. Baristas from CoffeeClick monitor the taste of the coffee at our clients' premises on a quarterly basis. By performing taste checks on location, they know which specific wishes our users have and a good personal contact is created. In the end, coffee is all about the taste!