The alternative to single-use coffee cups! Make a sustainable switch to WeCup with CoffeeClick and together we work towards a circular economy. 100% innovation. 100% Dutch. 100% recyclable.

Sustain your organization

Are you looking for a way to reduce your organization's carbon footprint without sacrificing quality and convenience? CoffeeClick is a proud partner of WeCup, the innovative reuse system from Dutch soil.

WeCup is more than just a product; it is a movement toward a more sustainable future. It enables organizations like yours to actively contribute to environmental protection by reducing waste and promoting recycling. With WeCup, you choose a practical, stylish and responsible way to enjoy your coffee moments.



Why switch to WeCup?

Reduce, re-use and recycle

  • One WeCup replaces around 1,000 disposable cups
  • The WeCup is already 15% more durable after 3 uses as opposed to 3 disposable cardboard cups
  • Contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases
  • Bring your organization a sustainable image and a higher ESG score
  • Comply immediately with the new guidelines as of Jan. 1, 2024
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How sustainable is WeCup?

100% Dutch Image

100% Dutch

The Netherlands, our beautiful Netherlands! With WeCup we break through borders and color outside the lines. No unnecessary and polluting transport, just production on Dutch soil.

In producing the re-usable cup, Naber Plastics B.V uses the Dutch sun as a source of electricity. With 6,690 solar panels, Naber's roof belongs to the largest glass-glass solar project in Europe. This means that when the weather is sunny, most of the cup is made from green electricity.

WeCup is 100% Dutch and therefore the most sustainable re-use deposit system in the Netherlands.

100% Recyclable Image

100% Recyclable

WeCups are made of polypropylene pellets (PP), a strong and durable material. As a result, one WeCup will last for years in the re-use deposit system. But even the WeCup comes to an end at some point.

Fortunately, the WeCup is 100% recyclable. From polypropylene granules to WeCup and from WeCup to flower buckets. Thus, together with Naber, we are moving towards a circular economy. We no longer throw anything away, but go for the re-use principle and maintain a healthy sustainable cycle.

Reduce, re-use and recycle!

100% Innovation Image

100% innovation

WeCup is always looking for the best of the best: for entrepreneur, consumer and planet. Your delicious fresh bean coffee is hot longer and trouble with stacking is a thing of the past.

The climate agreement and the upcoming regulations on single-use plastic seemed far away, but now every business owner and consumer has to deal with it. We all still have a lot to learn about integrating recycling (re-use) into our daily use. WeCup believes in the switch from single-use plastic products to re-use deposit products.

Are we there yet? No, but we are already very much on our way! The more entrepreneurs and businesses join, the greater the impact.

You don't do sustainability alone. We need everyone to do that.

Preserve together with CoffeeClick

Is your organization ready to say goodbye to disposable cups and/or other single-use plastic containers? It's time for a change. At CoffeeClick, we understand that sometimes this can be a challenge. That's why we provide a seamless transition to WeCup. We provide not only the products, but also the full support and service needed to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Make a sustainable switch to WeCup with CoffeeClick with the reuse system of the Netherlands!

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