How important is good coffee in the office?

Believe us when we say that for many employees good coffee in the office is one of the secondary benefits. Is your office ready for a good coffee machine including freshly roasted coffee beans every week in combination with our perfect service?

Looking for an office coffee machine?

Don't know which coffee machine fits the office? Or are you curious which functionalities the machine needs to meet your needs? We would like to help you with that. Through our decision aid we map out your wishes and needs. By answering 5 simple questions we can give you an appropriate and free advice. 

What does my cup of coffee at the office cost?

Everywhere we go, we ask the same question: What do you actually pay per cup of coffee? Often a random number is mentioned, but exact amounts are never mentioned. How is that possible? It is because of the different invoices for the coffee, the machine, the service and the accessories of the machine. We eliminate this confusion for our customers by sending one invoice. No extra service costs, no invoice for the beans. Just one fixed price per cup.

What does coffee cost in the office?

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The effects of a good cup of coffee in the office

Your cup of delicious fresh bean coffee in the office contains caffeine. This is a substance that occurs naturally in coffee and provides a brief stimulating effect. After taking a short break with a cup of coffee, your performance can be affected by becoming sharper and improving your attention span. In fact, this happens just by the smell of coffee!

So enjoy the (smell of) delicious fresh bean coffee from CoffeeClick at the office.

Fresh bean coffee in the office

Our customers who have opted for delicious fresh bean coffee in the office


The perfect concept for coffee in the office

CoffeeClick's concept for companies is simple and straightforward. This allows you to enjoy delicious coffee at any time of the day. With just one push on the button. And what if we say that in the cost of this Click, the service, coffee beans and the equipment is included? So no unexpected costs when our service technician visits you, no extra costs when you order coffee beans, and no invoice for water filters or cleaning products. At CoffeeClick you only pay for a delicious cup of coffee!

All about our unique concept!

It's all in the Click

At CoffeeClick we offer a crystal-clear concept so that you have insight into your consumption. With us you pay one fixed price per cup. Whether it is an espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato, we charge the same price. Including the equipment, freshly roasted coffee beans every week and perfect service! What does our service entail? Our service engineers carry out preventive and corrective service in order not only to solve problems, but also to prevent them!


What makes Coffeeclick so unique...

At CoffeeClick sales, service, finance and marketing are all under one roof. An innovative approach in the coffee industry that has many advantages. We ensure top quality service by training our mechanics ourselves. The short lines of communication between our staff mean that there is close contact with customers and current matters. This makes it possible to always offer a fast, efficient and above all personal service. That is what makes our service so special. 

Service for coffee in your office

Good coffee at the office together with CoffeeClick!

Business visit? Every good conversation starts with a good cup of coffee. A delicious creamy cappuccino from fresh beans served in crockery with your own company logo. Starting a meeting with a head start has never been so easy. Coffee is and remains your company's business card!

Is your office in a multi-company building? Let all companies in the building enjoy the best coffee in the office and only pay for the portion your company consumed. We keep track of everything and break it down by company.

To find the perfect bean for the tastiest coffee at work, we have travelled the world. Our blends are carefully selected for their taste, aroma and quality. Enjoy our Roma Classico, Esta Cofradia or Santa Christalina!

Our service in a nutshell

The driving force behind our beautiful company, the service department. For many companies service is "just part of the job", but not at CoffeeClick! Service is our top priority. Customer satisfaction surveys show that customers value good service the most. And satisfied customers, that is what it is all about at CoffeeClick!

Problems with your coffee machine? Our technicians usually respond between 4 and 8 hours!

One of the main pillars we are known for is our fast response time. Usually we respond with a response time of 4 to 8 working hours. Our in-house service department ensures that you can enjoy your delicious cappuccino, espresso or latte macchiato again as soon as possible! And they will only leave when the machine is adjusted exactly to your wishes again.

CoffeeClick service technician at your office

Fewer faults thanks to a direct connection to your coffee machine!

Because your machine in the office is directly connected to the internet, we know what is going on in your coffee machine. We act proactively before problems arise. We regularly check whether your coffee machine needs maintenance. We ensure that you can enjoy delicious coffee at the office, day in day out!

Service on a coffee machine

Our baristas provide the perfect cup of coffee!

Tastes differ, and so does coffee. That is why we have trained our service staff to be baristas. That's right, when we come to service your machine, it undergoes a real taste test. Together with you, we adjust the machine to your wishes so that you can once again optimally enjoy your daily cup of coffee!