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The CoffeeClick Bins

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our society. An essential part of sustainability is separating waste. Practice shows that this is not always done in offices and associations. It is simply thought to be too much trouble. From now on, that is a thing of the past. Together with the stylish litter bins of De Afvalbak we make separating waste easy and stylish. No bin needs to be out of sight. The CoffeeClick Bins are part of every sports club, association or work environment.

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An investment in the future

The unique CoffeeClick Bins are an investment for the future that you can be proud of. Not only are the stylish bins specially designed for the best experience, they also bring many benefits to the organisation. It saves money on waste tax, gives a good image and the organisation is prepared for future legislation. As icing on the cake, with every purchase a part is also donated to JustDiggit or the WWF. What are you waiting for? Keep it clean, we do the rest. 

The CoffeeClick Iconic Bin

The biggest sustainable catch-up in the office is made with waste separation. The CoffeeClick Iconic Bin is the perfect waste bin for the office. This stylish bin has a classic look and makes separating waste a lot easier. The Iconic Bin is specially designed to collect three different waste streams such as PMD, cups and residual waste. 

The CoffeeClick Cups Bin

Our CoffeeClick Cups Bin is the perfect container for the coffee corner. Small, compact and therefore fits in any space. The special cup holder makes sure that 4 times more cups fit in the bin than normal, ideal for the cleaner and for collecting as many cups to recycle. Do you prefer to use this bin for the coffee grounds? Of course that is possible too. We supply it with a handy lid to close the bin.

The CoffeeClick SportsBin

This litter bin is specially designed by CoffeeClick for clubs and sport organisations. The CoffeeClick Sports Bin is slightly larger than the rest. Why? Because this bin is the ideal bin to collect sports bottles (PET) at the club. Collecting PET bottles provides an extra source of income and is good for the environment and the club! 

Separating waste earns the club money. On 1 July 2021 a deposit on small plastic bottles will be introduced to prevent plastic litter. The CoffeeClick Sports Bin allows you to collect these plastic bottles. Club members now have the opportunity to support their club in a new way. Hundreds of PET bottles collected per weekend can easily mean thousands of extra euros in club funds per season. Of course, this special container can also be used for a good cause.

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