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Coffee in the hospitality industry

Our unique coffee concept
now also in the restaurant business!

Our innovative all-inclusive coffee concept has been a successful formula within offices and associations for years. As of now, CoffeeClick is also active in the hospitality industry!
Delicious fresh bean coffee at a fixed all-in price per cup. Including professional equipment, weekly freshly roasted coffee beans and perfect service.
Determine the selling price per coffee drink yourself and easily calculate your profit on the back of a beer mat.
As a hotel and catering business owner, you have never before calculated your margin so easily!

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Delicious coffee within reach!

Our unique "All-In The Click" coffee concept is the perfect opportunity for your hospitality company to serve delicious fresh bean coffee with professional coffee machines. Without investment! For one fixed all-in price per cup, your company is provided with professional equipment, freshly roasted coffee beans and our perfect service!

Service is one of the most important parts of our concept. It is important for hotel and catering entrepreneurs that service is provided quickly in the event of a breakdown or other questions. To guarantee that you can always provide your guests with delicious fresh bean coffee, our service technicians are at your service every day.

The advantages for you
as a hospitality entrepreneur

Our professional coffee machines deliver the same top quality fresh bean coffee time and time again. In contrast to a piston machine, where a barista determines the taste and quality of the coffee, with a fully automatic machine this is constant and always perfect.

Our coffee concept is suitable for various types of catering establishments. Think of (sports) clubs, care institutions or your favourite lunchroom. CoffeeClick provides transparency in the cost price per cup, perfect service and freshly roasted Arabica coffee beans every week. All according to the same "All-In the Click" principle. Ask one of our advisors about the many possibilities!

Coffee in the hospitality industry

Luxury tea in the catering industry

Besides coffee, tea is also a popular drink in the hospitality industry. However, the tea drinker is often forgotten when it comes to quality. A missed opportunity in our opinion. Together with SenzaTea, we offer exceptional loose leaf teas for the perfect tea experience. The loose tea is easy to use and super sustainable!

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