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Next to coffee, tea is one of the most popular drinks in the Netherlands. Therefore CoffeeClick's tea assortment is selected with care. In order to guarantee perfect quality we, among other things, visit the tea plantations in Sri Lanka to taste the products. CoffeeClick offers 3 grades of tea, our own premium Royal Esta Tea, an organic Bradleys tea line and the superior Senza tea.

Superior Senza Tea

Our superior SenzaTea tea line consists of the best loose tea leaves selected by the tea sommelier. To do full justice to the flavour, the tea is not finely ground, but served loose. With our Senza Tea line, drinking tea becomes a true taste experience.

tea senza

Organic tea

Bradleys offers the tea drinker 100% organic and fair trade tea of high quality. Due to the extensive range, it is certain that your favourite flavour will be among them. Are there new trends in the market? Bradleys develops its flavours throughout the year so that you can always order the most modern flavours. Enjoy a rich taste experience with these quality tea blends.

Premium tea

Our own Royal Esta tea line is the premium tea line within CoffeeClick. An environmentally friendly fairtrade tea that can be drunk exclusively by our customers. Within no time you can enjoy delicious fruit flavours such as lemon or forest fruit. Prefer a cup of black tea? Then our Earl Grey is for you. It has a classic bergamot flavour with a hint of citrus.

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