ETNA Dorado MilkBase

Icon Number of employees 15 - 25 employees, 25 - 50 employees Icon Types of coffee 15 Icon Capacity per day 50 - 200 cups
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Dimensions Dorado H/B/D: 77/32/58 cm
Dimensions MilkBase H/B/D: 49/27/41 cm:
Bean container: 1100 grams
External hot water dispenser
Use of cocoa & milk topping
User friendly touch screen
Double beverage dispensing
When using the energy saving mode Energy label A++
Fully automatic cleaning and rinsing programmes
Suitable for any milk type


Brewing time per consumption: 30 seconds
Can be expanded with a cup warmer
High-end heater system with 2 heaters
Unique temperature control
Set for capacity increase
Various payment and colour options


The ETNA Milkbase works perfectly with any type of milk: whole milk, oat milk, soy milk and so on. Unique to this machine is the possibility to switch to milk topping if desired. That's ease of use on another level!

Are you already using an ETNA Dorado Espresso machine with touch screen control? Then an upgrade to fresh milk can easily be realised on the current machine.

With our ETNA Dorado coupled to the new MilkBase milk system, you can make delicious drinks with fresh milk in no time and easily create a real barista experience. Every latte macchiato or cappuccino you prepare should have the same quality of milk froth. For this, the right temperature of the fresh milk is essential when preparing the milk foam. What's unique about the MilkBase is that the temperature of the milk used has no influence on the final quality of the milk froth and this always guarantees the perfect foam thickness.

Run out of fresh milk or just cleaned the machine and want a cappuccino anyway? No problem, the beauty of this machine is the unique ability to switch from fresh milk to milk topping! 

Plan a test session with the ETNA Dorado MilkBase