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Rent a coffee machine

The decision for a coffee concept in the company is often a long process. Companies and associations are looking for a suitable concept, where renting a coffee machine is often the most obvious choice. We would like to explain to you why CoffeeClick is the perfect concept for you at work or at the sports club!

Why rent a coffee machine?

In the search for delicious coffee, you go through all the possibilities. Will your company rent, buy or lease a coffee machine? For good coffee on the work floor a lot has to be done. Except with the clear concept of CoffeeClick! We offer companies and associations the ideal solution. With us you do not need to rent a coffee machine, but pay one predetermined, fixed price per cup! Weekly fresh coffee beans, professional equipment and our perfect service, all included in this price!

Authentic CoffeeClick

Will CoffeeClick help us choose a coffee machine?

Of course we will advise you which coffee machine suits your situation. Which coffee machine you need depends entirely on your wishes and needs. For example, not every machine has the option of fresh milk or milk topping. Curious about which machine is right for your company? Then go through our selection tool. 5 simple steps and you will know which machine is suitable for your organization. Without any obligation of course.

The machine, service and beans

This is the part where it gets complicated with many suppliers. In addition to the machine, supplies such as beans often have to be ordered separately and a separate service contract concluded. And what about at the end of the contract? What happens to the machine then? All this can cause you to lose the overview. Because what do you actually pay per cup of coffee? We take these questions away from you. One invoice, a fixed price per cup, everything included. Great coffee can be that simple!

A unique all-inclusive coffee concept!

Our unique concept sets us apart from the competition in the coffee market. We manage all aspects ourselves. Not a single link has been outsourced. Sales, marketing, finance and service are in daily contact with each other and with customers, so that they are aware of all developments. This working method makes us unique in the traditional coffee sector. 


What makes our service so special...

Taste management by our baristas

Everyone has their own taste and preferences when it comes to coffee. That is why we have trained our our mechanics trained to be baristas! Do they come to your premises for preventive maintenance or a breakdown? Then they will make sure the taste is perfect again! Because we take the taste of our coffee very seriously!

We control our data!

Because every coffee machine is connected to the Internet, we know what is going on in your coffee machine. Through preventive service and the proactive management of the coffee machine, we minimise failures and problems with our professional coffee machines. 

Any problems with your coffee machine?

Then feel free to call our service desk. They will try to solve the problem over the phone based on your explanation and details. This way, we can effectively deploy our service technicians! Can't solve the problem over the phone? Then our service engineers will usually be there within 4 to 8 working hours. 

So... Still renting a coffee machine...?

This is not necessary with the unique concept of CoffeeClick. When you choose for CoffeeClick, we will provide you with one, or more, professional coffee machines. Because we only work with renowned brands such as Etna and Franke, you are assured of the highest quality. 

Our coffee machines

Professional coffee machines with many functions. Each coffee machine can make at least 11 different types of coffee! Whether you like a cappuccino, an espresso or a latte, your machine can do it all. With only one push on the button you can enjoy your favourite coffee drink. 

Professional coffee machine without investment

Choose a unique coffee concept!

We understand that choosing a coffee concept is a difficult choice. That is why we would like to invite you to come and taste it with us in the showroom. In our showroom, we will take you on a coffee journey and introduce you to our different coffee blends, coffee varieties and, of course, machines.

Will you join us?