Thinking about your (coffee) break?

News October 15th, 2020 CoffeeClick

Is the coffee break really that important?

Is a coffee break really that important?
For many people with an office job, it is sometimes the only exercise they have during a working day. The walk to the coffee machine... For some this might be once or twice a day, but for the real 'coffee addicts' it can be much more often! Getting away from that chair is often a nice distraction. Taking your mind off that busy agenda filled with dozens of appointments and deadlines. Just take some quiet time. To enjoy a cup of coffee.
Besides physical exercise, mental rest is very important. Your body needs this rest regularly during the working day. If you lack it, you can suffer from fatigue, headaches, decreased concentration and so on. We've probably all been there...

Pause is a waste of time

This thought often prevails among employees. The opposite is true. A short break, a walk to the coffee machine, maybe even a short walk outside to get some fresh air will increase productivity! Important during these short and sometimes long breaks is that you try to isolate yourself from your work. So change your surroundings, don't sit behind your desk. You'll notice that after this short break you'll be full of inspiration and concentration again. This is even more important now that working from home is the norm again. The division between work and private life is becoming blurred, no colleagues around to help you enjoy your break. That's why breaks are often forgotten, shortened or spent behind the laptop. Our roadmap for a well-spent break:

  • Close the laptop
  • Walk to your coffee machine
  • Make a delicious cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino, tea or anything else to your taste. With a biscuit perhaps 😉 😉 With a biscuit.
  • Enjoy!

Let's take a coffee break...

A break wouldn't be a real break if it didn't include a cup of coffee, cappuccino or espresso. Or tea, of course. Do you drink good coffee at home? And even more important... How is the coffee at your office? In many offices they don't drink good coffee. Why? If we only knew...
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