Before CoffeeClick

Before we started working with CoffeeClick, we drank freeze-dried coffee. That is the kind of coffee you don't really want to encounter. Our machine often malfunctioned and was difficult to maintain. When we decided to move, we immediately knew we needed a different coffee machine. During our search for sustainable coffee with freshly roasted coffee we came across CoffeeClick. They helped us very well and our coffee supply has improved in every way!

What are the three main reasons why you chose CoffeeClick?

We were looking for good coffee and we found it at CoffeeClick. The machine is adjusted to our wishes and therefore the coffee also tastes the way we like it. Besides, we were in the middle of moving. This brings quite some costs with it. Through CoffeeClick's concept we did not have to invest in coffee machines right away, but we pay one price per cup. Furthermore, we are working on sustainability within our company. CoffeeClick's coffee beans are sustainably grown and they offer a good sustainability plan. 

What do you think of CoffeeClick's service?

We have had almost no malfunctions yet, but on the occasions when there was a malfunction CoffeeClick was easily accessible. The problem was solved immediately. In addition, the webshop is ideal! The website is easily accessible and the coffee is delivered quickly.


How do you like the taste and quality of our products?

The taste of the coffee is excellent, and so is the ease with which we make the different types of coffee! The machine took some getting used to with the sensors where the cup should be placed, but in the end this works perfectly, we don't waste coffee anymore! What we are still looking for are more different flavours of tea, which we are now testing.

How would you describe your collaboration with CoffeeClick, and would you recommend them to others?

CoffeeClick is a reliable supplier of coffee machines and tea. They make sure that we can enjoy a delicious fresh cup of coffee or tea every day. A great collaboration! For these reasons I would also recommend CoffeeClick to third parties. CoffeeClick is a party with good service and because of the fixed price per cup you know exactly where you stand.